What are the

WE CAN Warriors

Training Programs?

Building Community through Fitness

Group Training Where Everyone Wins

The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs began in Santa Barbara, CA, and is now offered nation-wide.  They are group training programs that prepare participants for specific races and events.  Groups are organized and facilitated by motivated and caring local coaches.  Program length varies depending on the specific race or event but generally run from 8-16 weeks.  We offer programs for various types of events such as running (both road and trail), cycling, multisport (triathlon or other), urban or trail fitness hiking, and more.  Specific program registration is done through your local coach and you can find upcoming programs and coaches in your area by visiting our Find a Program page.

What stands out most about these groups is not only the motivation and warm accountability that naturally comes from being around other motivated individuals, but also the unique connection that comes from training together and working toward a common goal.  Ultimately it provides a way to join a community of active people who care about you and to reach goals you otherwise thought were unattainable.

Participants of all Levels of Ability Benefit

The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs were created to benefit everyone.  From a high level athlete looking to set new personal records, to those who need motivation to set and reach a goal for the first time.  Programs that train for running events also work well for folks interested in walking or hiking.  Training plans are individualized to cater to current fitness levels and goals.  Everyone works at their own pace while having fun with their fellow team mates.

What You Get When you Become a WE CAN Warrior

The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs provide several practical benefits and amazing intangible benefits.

All participants receive:

  • An amazing coach to facilitate the training and the group dynamic
  • A semi-individualized daily training program to get you to your goals
  • 1 or more group training sessions per week
  • The Wellness Movement Principle Based Nutrition Packet
  • A performance t-shirt in which to train and race
  • Guidance and support from your coach and fellow participants
  • Race or event day support
  • The intangible benefits are what make the experience special, amazing and unforgetable.  You have a reason to get out the door (and you really look forward to it), you have a growing group of friends, you get high fives and hugs, reassurance, empathy, and motivation.  You give and receive.  This is where community begins and where it intersects with health building fitness.

I'd Love to Participate in a Program - How do I find one near me?

It’s our mission to bring The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs to every community in America.  We are actively connecting with local coaches all over the country and new programs are popping up constantly.  To find out if we have one in your community visit our Find a Program page and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter for updates.

If you are a coach or an aspiring coach and are interested in starting a WE CAN Warriors Training Program in your area check out our Be a Coach page for more information or contact us directly.  A movement takes a village and we’d love for you to become part of our tribe!

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