The Wellness Movement

Spring Training Program and Race Series 2021

With many races still on hold, we’re not waiting! We need training opportunities, motivation and goals –

And we’ve got all of these for YOU!

Program Fee is $149 – per household (this includes all family members)

14 Week Running Program - First Group Run is Sunday March 7, 2021

We provide you a daily training program to help you get back to healthy fitness and prepare to do a 5K, 10K and 15K event this Spring.  You’ll have the opportunity to run with others twice a week and participate in two Live Strength Workouts each week (via zoom).

If you’ve been strugging to find motivation to stay fit, this is for you!  Or if you miss training with others, this is for you!

And 3 Organized Informal Races!

Adhering to safety recommendations, our program includes 3 Races!

April Event – 5K
May Event – 10K
June Event – 15K

These events are only for program participants, with an organized Start/Finish and Official Course.  Use them for fun, use them to test your fitness, use them for motivational goals, or go for a PR!

No Pause!  Let’s Play!

Get Fit.  Have Fun.
Train with Friends.

Many races are still uncertain, so we’ve created a few of our own.  We’ve put together a 14 Week Group Training Program, featuring three (3) organized informal races (or you can call them time trials or goal events) – ensuring a small group atmosphere with all the safety protocols.

Race 1 – 5K (Sunday, April 11, 2021)

Race 2 – 10K (Saturday, May 8, 2021)

Race 3 – 15K (Sunday, June 6, 2021)

You can race the given distance or stick with a 5K or 10K (in other words you don’t have to increase your race distance if you prefer shorter).

It’s been a tough year but together we can help each other.  Doing healthy activities outdoors is the best thing we can do for our mind, body and immune system!

All levels of runners and walkers welcome

We offer three levels of training for runners – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  If you prefer to walk rather than run, you are also welcome!

Two group Training Sessions per Week

We’ll meet on Sundays (8:00 am) for our long runs, and Wednesdays (6:00 pm) for our shorter quality run.  All group training is optional.

Two Optional Strength Sessions per Week

As an optional Add-On, all participants can join us for Strength and Conditioning Workouts Live on Zoom (Tue/Thur 5:30 PM)

Sunday Runs Start and End at a Coffee Shop

We want to support local businesses and enjoy creative run courses AND have great coffee after our runs.  So all Sunday runs will start at one of our local coffee shops (a different one each week).

14 Week Daily Training Plan and Professional Coaching

You will receive a training plan matched to your fitness level that will safely help you build your fitness and get you feeling great!

Post-Event Party!

We’ll enjoy a socially distanced Post-Race Party following our final event (15K on June 6th).

Program Fee is $149 – per household (this includes all family members)

About Cindy

Cindy Abrami is a Certified Running Coach (from the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy), is a Running Technique Specialist (The Pose Method), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, is an NASM certified Personal Trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialization and is a Human Movement Specialist.  She is also a group fitness instructor and indoor cycling instructor.  She spent time educating herself so she is properly qualified to help others achieve their goals while staying injury free.  She is passionate about her community and cares deeply for each of her clients.  Cindy is also an elite level masters athlete and competes as a runner, duathlete and triathlete.  She is a two-time Sprint Duathlon World Champion (2018, 2019), and holds multiple National titles as a runner.  She is the founder of The Wellness Movement Santa Barbara and The Wellness Movement USA both of which embody her mission of building community through fitness.

About Whitney

Whitney is originally from Berkeley, California, and grew up swimming competitively. At UC Santa Barbara, she played water polo for three years while earning a degree in Psychology and a Coaching Certification. She coached JV and recreational swim teams and competed in biathlons like Nite Moves for several years before getting into triathlons. She loves swimming, biking and running for fitness but also the healthy community that is built around it and the balance it brings to her life. Whitney went to graduate school in Clinical Psychology, working in behavioral health, and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in 2004. Currently she works as a counselor at Student Health at UC Santa Barbara. She got involved coaching triathlon and running groups with Moms in Motion starting in 2006 and now coaches with The Wellness Movement. She is passionate about helping people reach goals by training them physically and providing motivation and support.

Stay the Course. Stay Connected. Reward Yourself.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and for partnering with us in your fitness goals.  Experience, education and care drives us to excellence.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]