Carlsbad 5000

8 Week Training Program

A WE CAN Warriors Training Program

An 8 Week Group Training Program to Prepare for the Carlsbad 5K (3.1 Miles)

Join us for a fit and fun 8 Week Training journey in preparation for the famed “World’s Fastest 5K” – The Carlsbad 5000.  Connect with like-minded runners of all abilities and learn how fun it is to train together locally with new friends who will quickly become your new family.  The Motivation Factor is off the charts when it comes to group training and this epic race is calling you!

Training Program begins Monday, February 3, 2020

Race Day is Sunday, March 22, 2020

Let’s Train Together!

Who Will Benefit from this Program?

  • Athletes (runners and walkers) of every level looking for community in training and hanging out with like-minded friends
  • If you have specific performance goals, you’ll benefit too!  No one pushes you like the person hanging on your shoulder!
  • Is this your first race?  Perfect, this is the program for you!  We’ll get you prepared to go the distance!
  • Hey!  Even if you really don’t want to do the race but want to train to get in shape, join us!  It’s all good.
  • Have you found it hard to motivate yourself to get out the door and start!  We’ll get you motivated!  You’ll be looking forward to every fun run!
  • If you want to train smart and find the best road map to your fitness, come and join us!
  • Every level of athlete will benefit and the program will accommodate current fitness levels and race goals.

The Carlsbad 5000 main race is the 5000 (3.1 miles) but they also offer the All Day 20K (you get to run all 4 of the 5K waves) for those who like longer races!

Program Cost: $129.00

Program Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of structured training which includes 2 group runs (on roads and track) and 2 Bootcamp style** conditioning classes per week
  • Semi-individual daily training plan so you’ll know how to train between group workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced plans are provided)
  • Race planning and full race day support
  • Principle Based TWM (The Wellness Movement™) Nutrition Packet – we need to eat right to fuel our training!!
  • (Optional Purchase) rabbit brand training/racing Tank
  • Ongoing email support from Coach Kirsten to answer questions and offer advice along the way
  • The Intangibles – This is why we really do this!!!  It’s for the group camaraderie, drinking in the momentum that comes from an organized training experience, the development of friendships and training buddies that often last a lifetime, a sense of accomplishment, and all of the physical and mental benefits that come from this level of training!

**Bootcamp style workouts include body weight exercises such as push ups, sit-ups, jump squats, and others, and includes balance training, strength, cardio and high intensity interval training.

Please note that our WE CAN Warriors Training Program registration does not include race registration.  

About the Race

The Worlds Fastest 5K

The 35th running of the iconic Carlsbad 5000 presented by National University takes place March 21-22, 2020. Weekend festivities kick off Saturday morning with the beloved Junior Carlsbad, a kids-only event in the heart of Carlsbad Village featuring fun runs, toddler trots, and diaper dashes!

Party by the Sea

On Sunday, the World’s Fastest 5k welcomes runners of all ages and paces to a fast oceanfront course with beautiful views and an energetic atmosphere. After crossing the finish line, runners celebrate their achievements at the always popular Party by the Sea with local craft beers, live music, and high fives all around.

The Fastest Pros on the Planet

The full day of racing culminates with the Skechers Performance Elite Invitationals where the fastest pros on the planet will look to set new World Records in front of thousands of cheering fans!

Kirsten Cooper

Kirsten Cooper

Program Coach

Kirsten absolutely loves getting people together for fitness and she’s known for being great at helping everyone feel welcome and connected.  She’s been leading group runs for more than 20 years.  It’s no wonder she is great at this group run thing since she’s a prolific runner herself.  She is a long time runner with 20 marathons under her belt including Boston, Chicago, LA, San Diego, NYC and Vancouver to name a few.  She’s also completed over 10 half marathons including a few of the local favorites Carlsbad and La Jolla, along with Las Vegas.   Kirsten is also an IronWoman!!  That’s right.  It’s not just about the RUN, she’s also excelled at the BIKE and SWIM as well.  She did Ironman Arizona in 2010.  Kirsten brings a ton of fitness knowledge and experience to her programs as she has also been a Personal Trainer/Bootcamp instructor for over 15 years.