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Running and Multisport Coaches:

Your May Social Media Content Bundle is Ready!

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In this era of remote coaching and massive social media usage

Now's the time to grow your social media presence and fill your roster

have all your Social Media content right at your fingertips - Join the Club and unlock your Monthly social media Bundle

The Endurance Coach Content Club provides Endurance Coaching Social Media Graphics and Content so you can spend less time at your computer and more time with your clients.

build your following, Up Your Game, reach your ideal clients with Endurance Sports Specific Content, all while saving precious time.

Your May Bundle is Ready to Go!

Here's What you Get!

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Creating great, consistent content is both Crucial and Time-Consuming

Show Me Some Examples


Just the Right Amount of Content Each Month. We Won't Overwhelm you with stuff you don't need. Simple, Easy, Time-Saving!

Why I Created This Content Club for Endurance Coaches

I’m Cindy and I’m a Running and Multisport Coach and I learned along time ago that Coaches become coaches because they want to Coach and most of us don’t want to spend time trying to learn a new marketing skill set. 

Most coaches don’t have time to put together a social media strategy or don’t know how to.  But at the same time, to be visible to potential clients and to take advantage of the huge social media marketplace, Social Media Marketing is a MUST

We’re then faced with A) Figure out how to do it and get real good at it, B) Hire some type of marketing agency to do it for you and spend way too much money for content that isn’t true to your profession and isn’t in YOUR Coach’s Voice, C) Just struggle along as best you can, with inconsistent posting that doesn’t represent the coach that you are. 

We needed a better solution and one that is Endurance Coach specific, cost-effective and time-saving.  Online and Remote Coaching is growing at a rapid rate and athletes are much more likely to hire a remote coach. Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media usage has increased by 30%.  Let’s get our coaching businesses out there, visible, known and trusted!

Now more than ever, Coaches need to be visible to their potential clients and having a well established and maintained social media presence is absolutely essential.

We created a simple solution. Done-for-You Coaching specific content that will quickly grow your following, help you gain new clients and support your reputation as an Awesome Coach!

Endurance Coach's Content Club will help you:

Save Hours Each Week

Our Done-for-You Content will turn hours of work into minutes of work. We've designed it to be simple, organized, and uncomplicated.

Build Your Following

With consistent, high quality content, you'll quickly grow your visibility and social media presence. Watch your audience grow day by day.

Stand Out

Your content will be professional and on point to your target market. You'll be the coach who does things with excellence and consistency.

Be the Expert

With two Expert Advice Posts per week, you'll provide share-worthy, helpful content that highlight's your Coaching Skills. Post content is fully customizable if you prefer to put things in your own words.

Make More Money

Gain more clients and fill your roster with athletes who know and trust you. Build a reputation of great coaching and attract your ideal clients.

Run An Efficient Business

Spend your time doing what you love and save yourself from the time and stress of doing things you don't love.

Easy, Simple Monthly Subscription

You’ll receive a new bundle every month!  USD, Recurring Payment.  Cancel Anytime!

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Use Code: MAY50 to get your First Month 50% Discount!
$ 14
For Your First Month of Content!
  • Less than $1.00 a Day
  • Save Time and Up Your Game
  • 30+ Social Media Graphics Each Month
  • Expert Advice Post Content, Customizable or Post As-Is
  • Monthly Content Calendar Makes Posting Quick and Easy
  • Quickly Build Your Coaching Business

Your Monthly Bundle Hits all the C's of Great Marketing

Community Posts

Share-Worthy Inspirating and motivating quotes and sayings to attract like-minded athletes to your audience and market.

Conversation Posts

Engaging polls and questions to spark conversations with your audience. Build relationships and trust.

Connection Posts

Create a heart-to-heart connection by expressing your values and helping your followers get to know you.

Credibility Posts

These customizable posts contain expert content that can be used as is or modified to your voice. They establish your credibility as a knowledgeable and caring coach.

Conversion Posts

These posts create an opportunity to provide a direct call-to-action based on content that helps your followers understand why they need you.

Canva Pro Compatible

Monthly bundles include customizable template Bonuses for Canva and Canva Pro Users. All content can be used as-is, no Canva account needed.

1:1 square format

Perfect for Instagram and Facebook. All graphics can be used as-is. No need to resize, or format. Designed specifically for the most popular platforms used by coaches and athletes.

Simply Organized for Easy Use

Your monthly bundle is organized within a Monthly Content Calendar, with each posted listed by date with a suggested posting time. Quickly access each Social Media graphic, copy and paste the related content and post (or schedule the post). We also include all of the graphics in a separate file, in order of date they are to be posted. It couldn't be more simple, quick and efficient.

It couldn't be more simple!

Your Endurance Coaching Monthly Bundle is valued at

Over $400 Per Month


Saves You over 35 hours each month


30+ Ready-to-Use Post Graphics and Content for the whole month



VIDEO: How to Turn 35 Hours of Work into 1 Hour 



STORY IDEAS – New ideas every month to reach and engage with your potential Clients through Your Story



ONE Individual License to use Our Social Media Content (One Coaching Business Only)



SAVE HOURS – We spend over 35 hours per month creating your content so you have 35 extra hours with your Clients!



Total Monthly Value: $407

Normal Monthly Price: $99

Your Monthly Price: $29 (70% OFF)

Your May Bundle at an additional 50% off: $14.50 (85% OFF) - Use Code: MAY50 at checkout

All Monthly Bundles Include

Everything You Need - Every Month!