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As we move through the current COVID-19 crisis, we’re recruiting and preparing coaches all over the US to bring the WE CAN Warriors Training Programs to their friends, family and community to meet the needs that will exist as we move back to some normalcy.

Connection, relationship, fitness goals, races, smiles and high-fives.

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If you’d like to maximize your role as a fitness leader or coach;

If you’re filled with passion to help others improve their health and fitness;

If you love having fun and helping others make meaningful connections;
If you seek to be excellent at what you do and build a reputation that draws people to you;
If you desire to earn a great income doing something that fulfills you;
If you want to be YOU, an independent fitness leader in your community, and also feel supported and a part of a like-minded team and reputable brand;

AND you don’t want to be bogged down by overhead expense and technical administrative tasks that take up precious time and energy;

Then you’re ready to find out if you have what it takes to be a TWM Coach!

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What it means to be a TWM Coach

The Wellness Movement (TWM) reaches communities all over the country through local coaches.  We align with like-minded leaders who are passionate about helping others and who take their role seriously.  We are continually seeking qualified coaches and invite everyone who has a desire to bring TWM’s WE CAN Warriors Training programs to their community, to request our Coach’s Information Packet.  The packet provides a complete description of our training programs, what it means to be a coach and how everyone is benefitted.  The packet also provides a link to apply to be a coach!

The Wellness Movement™ WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs concept was created to make it very easy for coaches to establish race specific group training programs or recreational fitness programs in their communities.  We provide the road map of HOW to run a program (including semi-individualized training plans for every distance); We provide the TOOLS in the form of a “done-for-you” PLATFORM that takes care of all of the technical details such as well designed landing/registration web pages, graphic arts and marketing design, payment collection, and a host of other administrative details; and we provide a much needed SUPPORT system to ensure everyone wins! We back our TWM Coaches with a reputable brand and endless coaching related resources for success.

Coaches decide what race they’d like to train for, fill out a quick “Launch a Program” form, and with the marketing materials we create, they promote their program and then fulfill the program. It’s that simple.

All programs are a set number of weeks during which coaches work with their participants to prepare for the race.  This often includes 1-2 group workouts per week. Races generally are running/walking or triathlon (multisport), and we also have had cycling, swimming and recreational programs such as hiking.  Participants pay a fee to participate in the program and coaches retain most of that fee. 

With a few guidelines from us, coaches decide the details of their programs and can run as many of them each year as they’d like.  It’s not uncommon for our coaches to do one per season (4 per year), and they are always excited for the next one to start.

Check out our FAQ’s for additional information!

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If you’re ready to apply, click the link below and follow our online application process.  The application takes about 20 minutes to complete!  Be sure and sign up to receive our Coach’s Information Packet as well.