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Our History and Company Philosphy

The Culture We Create

Our primary objective is to support and nurture our Wellness Movement members.  We are proud of our ability to serve him or her in a safe and professional manner, and to provide excellence that motivates and inspires.  We cultivate a supportive community of friendship, fitness and purpose.

Our coaches are the foundation of our success.  We want all of our coaches to enjoy a renewed sense of purpose as they exponentially change lives.  We all consider ourselves part of The Wellness Movement™ family.  We trust and care for each other, and treat everyone with respect. We value excellence, creativity, enthusiasm, and loyalty, and we encourage independent thinking and teamwork.  We openly communicate our accomplishments and mistakes so we can learn from each other. We strive to live balanced lives in work, love and play. We revere the natural environment in which we live and train.  We are confident of our future and point with pride to the way we run our business and treat each other.

How We Got Started

The founding of The Wellness Movement™ USA was not accidental or coincidental good fortune.  It was the culmination of a life driven to overcome adversity and is grounded in learning through the rough trenches of trial and the power of overcoming.

The Wellness Movement™ began in 2017 as a local Santa Barbara, CA fitness and nutrition company.  The purpose and direction were not at first apparent as the company offered a broad spectrum of services.  It was important to test the waters, discover our passion, understand the market and realize our true purpose. Among the services offered were race specific training programs, both for running events and triathlon.  Of course this wasn’t a new idea but at the same time, it was not commonly done, yet had incredible potential.  We soon took on another coach who had many years of personal experience running various types of training groups and we had an immense amount of fun gathering groups of people and working with them toward a goal.

The Wellness Movement™ training program (later to become WE CAN Warriors™ Training programs) concept was fully realized one gray day in June.  One of our athletes who’d participated in every program we’d offered decided she wanted to do our local State Street Mile, a very popular, competitive road mile.  This athlete had already been a huge inspiration to everyone around her as she kept setting lofty goals as a 72 year old.  “Lofty” simply meant that she didn’t let age related stereotypes dictate what she did.  She just did stuff.  So did her husband.  So she wanted to do this Road Mile and as her coach, Cindy pointed out that based on her current training times, she likely could break the age group record.  That had never crossed her mind.  She considered the record time and thought there’d be no way she could run that fast.

On Race Day, her husband and coach, along with hundreds of spectators, waited at the finish line to see her finish.  Finally we saw her up the street and she was running so fast.  You could tell she was giving it her all and we were all watching the clock as she approached.  She crossed in first place and broke the record by over 30 seconds.  Everyone cried.  That morning, in that moment The Wellness Movement™ WE CAN Warriors™ Training programs was fully realized.   We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives facilitating this kind of EPIC!

Our society is changing and in the realm of fitness the digital world seems to be taking over with remote coaching, remote personal training, and remote fitness classes. But it is our goal to promote the exact opposite. We aim to strengthen personal connection, where real people stand in the same space together, building community through fitness.  Our mission is to reach as many people as possible in as many communities as possible, with real leadership from local coaches, who facilitate true connection, and promote group driven motivation. Fun is a key word.  It’s fun for the coach, it’s fun for the participant and the best part is that through this process, lives change in ways we didn’t even imagine was possible.

Meet the Team

Cindy Abrami, BS Nutrition, NASM-CPT/CES, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, UESCA Certified Endurance Coach

Cindy Abrami, BS Nutrition, NASM-CPT/CES, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, UESCA Certified Endurance Coach


Cindy is a fitness and nutrition Professional, and elite level masters athlete with a passion to help her community find fullness of health and abundance of life through fitness and proper nutrition.  She is the founder of The Wellness Movement Santa Barbara and The Wellness Movement USA.  Cindy is a competitive runner, duathlete and triathlete and holds national champion status as a masters runner and is the 2018 and 2019 ITU Sprint Duathlon World Champion (50-54).  

Here’s what she has to say about The Wellness Movement USA.  “A few years ago, when I decided to step forward in courage and fulfill a dream, I painstakingly spent weeks coming up with my business name, The Wellness Movement™. Whatever was to follow had to be bigger than me, in fact not about me at all, and it needed to describe the scope of my big dream.  The term ‘Wellness’ embodies every aspect of health and ‘Movement’ couples the idea of actual motion with a scope of great magnitude.  Movements happen across geographical locations and the involvement of many people. We’re a Wellness Movement. And I’m exceedingly grateful also to my husband, Coach John Abrami, for all of his support!”

Mike Fasth, NASM-CPT, US Masters Swimming Coach Level 2

Mike Fasth, NASM-CPT, US Masters Swimming Coach Level 2

Vice President/Partner

In 2018 Cindy became my personal trainer to help me get faster in competitive Master’s Swimming. During that time she helped me regain much of my physical ability that I hadn’t even realized I had lost over the years. Eventually, I got it back – and am even better than before.  It’s like when you’ve been riding your bike with low tire pressure for years and then one day you inflate them to the proper tire pressure and go for a ride and think Wow – this feels like a new bike!  It moves much easier and more efficiently.  Or like getting  your car tuned up – Wow! Or a new pair of running shoes – Wow!  We forget what “optimal” feels like until we feel it again.  This whole experience inspired me to become part of The Wellness Movement.

I know there are many other people, in all generations, that have had these same experiences. The Wellness Movement rekindles the spark of enthusiasm people once felt in their lives. My goal is to help those that join The Movement feel younger next year, experience positive feedback and meet new friends – The Wow Factor!

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