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Race and Event Specific Group Training Programs

We are a family of coaches and fitness leaders who are passionate about building community through fitness.  We love gathering groups of people together to train for and achieve all different types of race or event specific goals.  We do this by bringing the WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs to our communities nationwide.

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What are the WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs?

The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs are organized race specific group training programs led by motivating coaches.

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The Wellness Movement (TWM) reaches communities all over the country through local coaches.  Learn how to bring TWM’s WE CAN Warriors Training Program to your community!

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“I have been part of The Wellness Movement for nearly two years and have participated in five different trainings.  Working out with the group and building relationships that carry on beyond the training is a definite motivator.  We each challenge ourselves by setting a goal and checking in during training and after the event.  Exercise, at any age, is more fun with like-minded people.”

Eileen M, WE CAN Warriors Program Participant

“So far I’ve coached three teams with The Wellness Movement, and it’s been an outstanding experience! I’ve co-lead them with TWM Founder, Cindy.  It was easy to organize and we both brought our own experience and expertise into the mix.  TWM helps keep things incredibly organized, and as a coach, I was able to put a lot of thought into the training programs to make them the right fit for the athletes. Program emphasis on endurance and fun enable and motivate the athletes to reach goals that they are proud to accomplish! I’m looking forward to leading more TWM WE CAN Warriors training groups with Cindy’s support!”

Whitney Bruice, TWM Coach

“I retired a few years ago and rediscovered the joy of movement.  The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors training is a well thought out program which celebrates the pleasure of physical and mental exercise by setting a goal, creating a structured program to reach that goal, suggesting nutritional guidelines, and engaging in social interaction.  My wife and I have met so many wonderful people in the groups brought together by The Wellness Movement.  Highly recommended!”

Bill M, WE CAN Warriors Program Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in being a TWM Coach? FAQ's

Do I have to have specific certifications in order to be a TWM Coach?

We do not require a specific certification, degree or license.  We choose candidates who demonstrate leadership, are people of integrity and who are able to lead others safely and competently.  We prefer every coach be CPR/AED certified and that they take their role as coach seriously.

What criteria are used to select qualified TWM coaches?

Because TWM coach’s represent our brand and company, we are careful in our selection.  We seek candidates who lead with integrity and take their role as coach seriously.  We consider past experience and any certifications they may have.  We also seek candidates who are passionate about the mission to build community through fitness and to help group participants connect with one another.  Coach’s must safely and competently lead others through a training program.  For all running programs, TWM provides the training plan for each specific distance.

Is there a fee for me to become a TWM Coach?

Yes, in order to be a TWM Coach, there is a nominal annual coaching subscription fee.  For the initial year, the fee is $199, and is $99 per year thereafter.  Coach’s receive our official rabbit branded running tank, professional development opportunities, direct connection with other TWM coaches, and other special gifts along the way.

Are there any other requirements to be a TWM Coach?

Yes, we require that all TWM coaches carry their own liability insurance policy that is specific to the type of training they’ll coach.  We provide information on where to get fitness and athletic related insurance coverage.  Most policies are under $99 per year of coverage.

Once I’m signed on as a coach, how do I begin running programs?

Once on board with The Wellness Movement, Inc., coaches receive a login to access our exclusive Coach’s Portal.  The portal holds valuable information about conducting TWM programs with several tutorials and resources.  In order to launch a program, a coach will decide on which race or event they’ll train for, gather a few details and will use the Launch a Program button to fill out a form.  The form walks coaches through all the details they’ll need and TWM will need to get them up and running.  It’s quick, simple and once submitted, we do all the background work to set the program up and equip the coach with marketing material so they can begin gathering eager participants.

How many programs can a coach offer?

There is no official limit to how many programs a coach can offer within a given year.  Each coach determines how many they wish to do and how much time they have to devote.  It’s most common for coaches to do 3-4 programs per year.

Can a coach offer more than one program at a time?

Yes, it is possible to offer more than one program at a time.  An example would be coaching one group for a half marathon, and another group for a cycling event.  In this case, group training for each program would be done on different days.  It’s also possible to train groups for two different running races.  We recommend starting out with just one program and see what it grows into.

How long does a typical program last?

Within the coach’s portal and Launch a Program form, we make specific recommendations for length of program depending on the distance and event.  Program length can range from 8 weeks to 20 weeks.

Are the training programs just for running events?

No.  Training plans can be done for many different types of events.  Running groups are the most common type of program, however we have coaches who do cycling programs, multisport programs (triathlon, duathlon, other), swim related programs, hiking, urban hiking, etc…  We try not to limit the possibilities.  For some programs, depending on government or organizational requirements, certain certifications or licenses may be required.  For instance, with swim related programs (or those that include swimming as part of the program), there must be a certified lifeguard present.

As a coach, how much do I charge for participation in my programs?

Ultimately each coach decides how much to charge for their programs.  Within the Coach’s Portal we provide basic guidelines on how best to determine an appropriate fee.  The fee will vary depending on length and type of program, as well as what the local market will bear.

How does a TWM coach earn income?

TWM coaches retain a percentage of their program registration fee.  The percentage coaches receive increases the more participants they have signed up.  Full details of income percentages may be found in our Coach’s Information Packet.  If you’ve not done so already, you can sign up to receive the Coach’s Information Packet HERE.

Are there team uniforms and other gear available?

Yes.  The Wellness Movement Inc. partners with rabbit branded apparel for our official uniform.  Currently we offer a running tank top that is optional for participants to purchase.  Coach’s receive the tank top for free as part of their Coach’s Subscription.  We also provide, free of charge, a performance t-shirt (not rabbit branded) to program participants.  They receive the t-shirt during their first program.  Any clothing related to a program will be shipped directly to the coach and they’ll distribute it to their participants.  It’s an awesome perk!

WCW Program Participant FAQ's

What types of races do WE CAN Warriors™ train for?

Most of the races and events we train for are running events that range in distance from 5K to Marathon.  However, we also train for cycling events, swimming skill, and multisport events such as triathlon.  Some training programs are recreational in nature and therefore don’t target an event.  Instead the training sessions themselves are the event and are typically done for general fitness.

How long are the WE CAN Warriors™ training programs?

The length of a training program depends on the length of race being trained for.  Programs usually fall between 8 weeks (such as for 5K race prep) and 20 weeks (marathon training), but most of them are around 10-12 weeks long.

Are there WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs for trail and off-road races?

Yes, many TWM Coaches provide programs for trail races.

How many times a week do WE CAN Warriors™ train together as a group?

All training programs include 1-2 weekly group workouts, and some include up to 3 group training options per week.  These are always optional for participants but are among the greatest benefits to joining a program!

I noticed we don’t currently have any WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs in my community. What if I want to start one, how do I do that?

We would love for you to apply to be a coach.  Visit our Coach Page to find out more about it!

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