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Race and Event Specific Group Training Programs

We are a family of coaches and fitness leaders who are passionate about building community through fitness.  We love gathering groups of people together to train for and achieve all different types of race or event specific goals.  We do this by bringing the WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs to our communities nationwide.

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What are the WE CAN Warriors™ Training Programs?

The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors Training Programs are organized race specific group training programs led by motivating coaches.

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“I have been part of The Wellness Movement for nearly two years and have participated in five different trainings.  Working out with the group and building relationships that carry on beyond the training is a definite motivator.  We each challenge ourselves by setting a goal and checking in during training and after the event.  Exercise, at any age, is more fun with like-minded people.”

Eileen M, WE CAN Warriors Program Participant

“So far I’ve coached three teams with The Wellness Movement, and it’s been an outstanding experience! I’ve co-lead them with TWM Founder, Cindy.  It was easy to organize and we both brought our own experience and expertise into the mix.  TWM helps keep things incredibly organized, and as a coach, I was able to put a lot of thought into the training programs to make them the right fit for the athletes. Program emphasis on endurance and fun enable and motivate the athletes to reach goals that they are proud to accomplish! I’m looking forward to leading more TWM WE CAN Warriors training groups with Cindy’s support!”

Whitney Bruice, TWM Coach

“I retired a few years ago and rediscovered the joy of movement.  The Wellness Movement WE CAN Warriors training is a well thought out program which celebrates the pleasure of physical and mental exercise by setting a goal, creating a structured program to reach that goal, suggesting nutritional guidelines, and engaging in social interaction.  My wife and I have met so many wonderful people in the groups brought together by The Wellness Movement.  Highly recommended!”

Bill M, WE CAN Warriors Program Participant

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